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Welcome to the Connolly Investment Group LLC. CIG is a venture capitalist company that invests in viable business plans and products. Many of these businesses are managed and operated from within the company itself. The current areas of interest are as follows: Real estate development both commercial and residential and Software design and development. The Internet is a major area of interest. Mobile technology and the increased efficiency of the web makes this space a very interesting and viable investment.

The companies on this website are currently being managed from within. More information can be found on each information page. To submit an idea for consideration for funding please use the contact form on this website. Thank you for visiting the Connolly Investment Group

Monarch Entertainment

Digital Technology

Welcome to Digital Technology. This company is focused on developing digital products for the Web and Mobile platforms. We use the latest technology to build and implement creative and innovative products. Digital Technology creates innovative, cutting edge applications. We are an ambitious group of programmers bringing the current social media to a new level. We have a unique approach to building applications. We are improving the social sphere by creating one of a kind software products and applications.

Connolly Real Estate

Our team manages a large infrastructure of servers around the clock and around the world in order to keep up with the demand of our growing and popular projects. Digital Technology is a leader in Internet technology. We strive to improve the current web with new, more robust, time saving, re-usable products. We are always looking for bright individuals who can demonstrate competency in open source web technologies and languages.

Connolly Real Estate

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